Self-guided Walking & trekking the Lycian Way in Turkey
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Self-Guided Walking Holidays Walking The Lycian Way, Your Way
Do you want the freedom of making your own way at your own pace with no pre-defined schedules or deadlines. Do you want the freedom to pick your own routes and do them in whatever order you want? If you do then our self guided walking packages are a unique and ideal choice for you. Because all our walks are based at our hotel you can pick the routes you want to do and do them on whatever day you want to, in whatever order you want to do them in. Want a day off or a day doing something else? No problem just opt for a chill out on the beach, a boat trip, some sea kayakking or a visit to a market or historical site. How do I book such a flexible package? Our walking packages have four elements to them:- 1. A number of nights accommodation 2. Inbound & outbound  transfers (from to airport, bus station etc.). These are generally free for stays of 7 nights or more! 3. A number of days of walking 4. A number of days doing nothing or an alternate actvity Our most commonly booked walking packages are for a week of walking comprising 7 nights accommodation and 6 days of walking. Sometime our guests book the one week package and a couple of extra nights accommodation. You can find the price for this kind of booking on the walking holiday prices page. If you have questions or want to book or enquire about availability then send us a Booking / Enquiry Form (use the BOOK / ENQUIRE button on the main menu at the top of the screen). If however you want something else or you aren’t sure waht you will want you can book anything from accommodation only (you can choose as many or as few walks and activities as you like when you are with us). This is extremely flexible but it is normally a little more expensive than if you book some specifics in advance. If, for examplpe, you know you want to book 7 nights accommodation, a boat trip and 3 days of walking and two days free. You can book this in advance and then leave it unchanged or add another walk or two when you are here. To do this send us a booking / enquiry form and explain what you want in the comments section of the form. We will then give you a specific quote for that package. Self-Guided Groups If you are a group of 10 or more people then you will benefit from a 10% discount off our standard self-guided rates. The flexibility described above can also be true for group packages. Large Self Guided Groups Large walking groups often find they need different levels of challenge in the walking routes to suit the different levels of ability within the group. We can offer an excellent solution to this particular conundrum. We have a lot of routes to choose from and a wide variiety of distance, ascent, descent and terrain. We have provided walking plans for large mixed ability groups where transfers are often shared and sometimes parts of the routes walked by different teams are common. e.g. start the walk together and then part company to provide good camaraderie and different challenges. For such requirments it is best to contact us via our contact page to start an exchange of ideas and to develop a bespoke itinerary. We have sample itineraries that we have delivered before. A little Bit of Guiding The marking of our routes is excellent and the notes we provide are normally all you need to find your way. However on occasions you may feel that it would be preferable to have a guide to assist even with groups of less than 10 people it can sometimes be a bit like herding cats for the organisier. Guides can be booked in advance (subject to availability) on a daily basis. Simply lets us know in the comments section of your booking / enquiry form.