This    is    often    an    afternoon    activity    on    a Saturday    to    take    account    of    many    flights arriving quite late on Friday evening. A    short    25    minute    drive    takes    us    to    the ancient    Lycian    City    of    Olympos.    We    will pass   through   the   entrance   (entrance   fee   of, currently,   5tl   /   £1.20   for   those   aged   13   and over)   and   wander   along   the   main   street   of the   ancient   city.   Here   we   will   find   Muzo’s Cafe,   which   is   the   base   camp   for   the   sea kayaking.    Before    setting    off    we    will    have time   for      Gözleme,   a   flat   bread   pancake   with a   choice   of   savory   fillings   such   as   cheese, spinach,   potato,   aubegine,   mince   or   try   it   all with    the    mixed    option.    For    those    with    a sweet    tooth    fillings    such    as    banana    and honey     or     chocolate     spread     are     also available.   After   lunch   (drinks   are   extra   and will   be   added   to   your   hotel   extras   bill),   we will   go   with   our   guide   to   get   lifejackets   and to   load   the   kayaks   and   paddles   onto   a   trolly.   Our   guide   will   show   you   how   to   hold   and   use   the   paddles,   how   to   turn   and   stop   the kayak   and   all   importantly,   how   to   get   in   and   out   of   the   kayaks.   You   will   also   receive   other   safety   tips   and   instructions   such   as   how   to signal for help. We   then   take   the   kayaks,   on   the   trolly,   down   to   the   river   in   the   middle   of   the   ruins   of   the   ancient   city.   Here   we   will   float   the   kayaks about   50m   along   the   river   to   our   launch   point. You   will   now   get   to   test   your   expertise   in   getting   into   the   kayak. The   ducks   on   the   river take   great   interest   but   you   should   ignore   their   cackling!   We   now   head   out   to   sea   past   the   ancient   harbor   control   point,   the   remains   of a   bridge   dating   back   to   roman   times   and   past   magnificent   tombs   below   the   acropolis   (fortified   area   of   the   city). Ahead   the   sea   awaits us   and   we   paddle   out   of   Olympos   Bay   passing   caves   and   rocky   outcrops   where   the   sea   slapping   against   the   rocks   and   cave   walls can   sound   like   falling   rocks.   We   then   turn   right   and   head   along   the   coast,   under   the   cliffs   towards   the   pirates   retreat   of   Ceneviz   Bay (pronounced   Jeneviz   Bay)   where   we   will   have   time   to   snorkel   and   swim.   As   we   head   back   the   way   we   came   the   setting   sun   will paint   Mount   Olympos   ahead   a   golden   red   colour   and   the   tour   ends   as   we   sail   back   into   the   ancient   city   like   a   group   of   pirates returning from their raids. THINGS TO REMEMBER Towels can be left at the base, they will get soaked if you take them with you. A set of dry clothes can be left at the base You will need strong sun cream and a good sun hat It’s a good idea to wear a T-shirt under the life-vest and the best idea is one that covers the shoulders Only waterproof cameras should be taken on the trip and should have a safety strap You   will   probably   not   need   any   money   but   valuables   can   be   stowede   in   a   dry   box.   please   keep   valuable   to   a   minimum   the   dry   box   is     for an odd camera or two and a small amount of cash. Mobile phones should be left in the transfer vehicle or at the hotel. No valuables should be left at the base. Drinking water will be provided for the trip at the hotel when you leave for the trip.

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Sea Kayaking From the Ancient City of Olympos to the Pirate’s Hideaway of Ceneviz Bay
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