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The   vast   majority   of   our   routes   are   shown   on   the   pages   that   you   can   link   using   the   drop   down   menu   above.   The   routes   are   listed   from   West   to   East   based   on   their   location.   Each page   has   a   map   for   the   area   of   each   route,   an   overview   of   the   route   itself,   statistics   including   distance,   maximum   height,   total   ascent   &   descent. There   is   also   an   assesment   of   the terrain. Each page also has a few picture taken on that route. ROUTE   PLANNING    -   The   objective   of   these   pages   is   not   for   you   to   plan   your   walking   itinerary   in detail   (but   you   can   if   you   want   to!)   but   rather   to   give   you   a   view   of   the   kind   of   walking   we   offer   and to   help   you   be   sure   this   is   right   for   you.   These   are   not   the   notes   used   on   the   walk   itself   they   are   far more detailed and contain illustration of key parts of the walk. ROUTE   DOCUMENTATION    -   The   routes   are   all   really   well   marked   and   these   markings   together with   the   route   notes   will   normally   be   all   you   need   to   find   your   way.   Each   part   of   a   route   is   graded from   G1   to   G6.   G1   is   a   faint   goat   track,   G6   is   a   main   road   and   the   intermediate   grades   are   different kinds   of   track   in   between.   the   gradings   used   are   those   documented   in   the   Lycian   Way   book.   The standard   of   marking   is   the   GR2   method   used   on   the   Lycian   Way.   A   reference   page   of   grades   and markings will be provided for your first walk or until you are comfortable with them. Click the links below to take a peek at some of our documentation
Guided & Self-guided Walking the Lycian Way in Turkey
Sample Route Description
Track Gradings