Guided  Walking & trekking the Lycian Way in Turkey
G uided  Walking the Lycian Way in Turkey
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There’s a lot to be said for walking in a group. Wherever    you    find    walking    groups you   will   probably   find   a   good   bit   of banter     going     on     and     a     deal     of cameraderie.     There     will     be     group members   who   know   the   routes   well and   good   organisers.   Very   often   some group     members     will     have     specific local   knowledge   about   history   and   or local    flora    and    fauna    or    the    local geology.   All   these   abilities,   skills   and knowledge   add   to   your   enjoyment   of your walks. What   happens   when   you   go   away? Much   of   the   benefit   of   club   leaders or    organisers    is    diminished    and maybe    if    it’s    a    walking    holiday, those   leaders,   organisers   and   local experts    would    like    a    break    from these responsibilities. Guided   Group   Walking   Tours   are   a   great   way   to   keep   the   banter   and   cameraderie   but   leaving   the   logistics   and local knowledge to someone else. At   the   Ottoman   Palace   we   have   some   truly   remarkable   walks   on   and   around   the   Lycian   Way.   Added   to   these wonderful   walks   are   some   fascinating   historical   sites.   The   region   is   home   to   a   plethera   of   wild   flowers   (Turkey has   over   9,000   species,   many   of   which   are   unique   to Turkey).   Our   guides   have   the   knowledge   and   experience   to organise   you   walks   and   add   value   to   them   by   sharing   their   local   knowledge,   of   history,   culture,   food   &   drink,   flora, fauna   and   the   delightful   hospitality   of   local   people.   Don’t   just   meet   a   shepherd   on   route!   Wth   a   guide   you   can organise a conversation, sit with him and drink tea and learn about his life, his livestock and his family!
GUIDED GROUPS Itís not just about the walking! JOIN A GROUP TOUR JOIN A GROUP TOUR COME WİTH FRIENDS WALKING CLUB TRIPS The video above shows a group on one of our walks, which starts with a guided tour of the ancient cityof Olympos. The tour follows a timeline around the city as your guide shares with you the history of the Lycian people from around 2,000BC to 1,500AD. (Yes you get 3,500 years of history in just one visit!) The walking route then heads out of Olympos heading into the mountains (÷murga Dağ - Spine Mountain and the Yanartaş -Burning Stone mountains) en route to the renowned Havuz Başi fish farm and restaurant for an early supper. After the meal we head over to the eternal flames of Chimera to explore a Lycian Temple and an early Byzantine Church before sitting around the flames as dusk falls. Now is the time to roast marshmallows and the atmosphere for hearing stories of legendary heroes, flying horses and fire breathing monsters from the pages of Homerís İlliyad!