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Holidays for Active Families

A Mix of Family Friendly Activites to Suit Everyone

Boutique Holidays In Turkey Years of Local Experience for your Holiday
When     school     holidays     come     around many     families     want     to     take     a     main holiday    or    short    break    which    is    fun, stimulating,    relaxing    and    a    chance    to spend    some    quality    time    together.    We have   put   together   a   selection   of   activites and   an   environment   and   atmosphere      to deliver just that!. PICK A FIXED ITINERARY OR PLAY IT AS IT COMES We   offer   a   package   of   activities   as   part   of   a   one   week   itinerary   but   you   don’t   have   to   tie   yourself   to   any   set   agenda   if   you   don’t want   to.   If   you   pre-book   the   “off   the   shelf”   week   of   activities   it   will   be   a   little   cheaper   and   can   be   considerably   cheaper   if   you   are taking advantage of some of our special offers. Our   hotel   is   the   perfect   chill   out   base   with   an   informal   and   laid   back   atmosphere   and   we   are   situated   at   the   heart   of   one   of Turkey’s   great   outdoor   adventure   areas.   Our   activity   itineraries   take   place   within   national   parks   and   in   and   around   ancient civilisations.   Here   you   will   get   the   chance   to   have   fun   but   also   to   meet   genuine   local   people   and   learn   about   their   culture   and   the regions ancient history dating back to the days of the Old Testament. A REALLY FLEXIBLE HOLIDAY PLAN We   run   our   family   activity   weeks   based   on   the   assumption   that   guest   will   arrive   ona   Friday,   the   fun   will   begin   on   Saturday   and the set itinerary will run for a week. Saturday PM - Sea Kayaking Sunday PM - Mountain Fish Farm & Eternal Flames of Chimera Monday - Free or Optional Activities Tuesday - Boat trip to the Sunken City at Kekova Wednesday - Free or Optional Activities Thursday - Gorge Walking & Zip Wires Friday - Depart and Optionally White Water Rafting (See notes on the Rafting Page. This   is   how   our   itinerary   will   run   on   our   planned   dates. All   actvities   are   however   based   on   a   minimum   of   4   people   per   trip,   so   can be suitable for just one family of 4! You   can   of   course   stay   longer   by   either   arriving   earlier   and   or   departing   later.   If   you   stay   longer   the   itinerary   above   will   be   on   the planned days but optional activities can be done on any free day. If   you   want   to   book   on   a   Play As   It   Comes    basis   then   you   should   book   accommodation   only   and   take   on   whatever   activities   you want   (subject   to   availability)   during   your   stay. These   activiities   will   be   paid   when   you   take   them   during   your   stay   or   can   be   added to   your   hotel   extras   bill.   They   will   however   be   excluded   from   any   discounts   that   apply   from   our   special   offers.   This   could   be   as much as 17.5%
This video shows some of our most popular activities. They are the ones that are included in our one week itinerary of activities for families