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This    trip    starts    late    in    the    afternoon.    The objectives    are    to    experience    a    fabulous, very   taditional   local   meal   at   the   mountain fish   farm   and   restaurant   and   then   make   our way   to   the   base   of   the   flames   45minutes   or so   before   it   starts   to   get   dark.   So   timings   will vary at different times of the year. A   30   minute   drive   from   the   hotel   takes   us   up into   the   mountains   to   the   village   of   Ulupinar, which    means    magnificent    spring.    This    is where   the   melted   snow   from   the   mountains and   all   the   rain   water   bursts   out   from   the mountains.   the   villagers   have   harnessed   the water   and   used   it   to   farm   fish   (trout).   The restaurant   is   situated   in,   around   and   above the    fish    farm    tanks.    you    will    be    served    a traditional   feast   that   was   at   the   heart   of   the local   nomadic   lifestyle   of   the   area.   It   doesn’t get    more    authentic    than    this.    The    Havuz Başi   (Head   of   the   Pool)   restaurant   is   much loved   by   locals   and   is   famed   far   and   wide   within   Turkey.    We   will   have   lots   of   Mezes   (Turkish   Ors   d’ouvres)   hot   freshly   baked   bread layered   with   cheese,   roasted   vegetables   and   then   the   fish   (there   are   vegetarian   and   non-fish   options),   then   finally   fresh   seasonal fruit with a sesame sauce dip accompanied by Turkish Tea or Coffee. After   our   feast   we   will   take   a   25   minute   drive   down   to   the   entrance   to   the   Eternal   Flames   of   Chimera.   This   legendary   and   mystical place   which   is   mentioned   in   Homer’s   Iliad,   was   honoured   by   the   building   of   a   temple   by   the   Lycians   during   the   roman   times   and   later by   the   construction   of   an   early   Byzantine   church.   We   will   have   time   to   look   at   these   remains   and   to   learn   about   the   Lycian   language and early Christian art, illustrated by the wall paintings in the church. As   darkness   descends   we   will   gather   around   one   of   the   groups   of   flames   and   roast   marshmallows   and   hear   the   legendary   tales   of the   terrifiying   beast   that   was   the   Chimera   and   how   it   was   laid   to   rest   by   a   legendary   Lycian   hero   called   Bellerophon   assisted   by   the winged   horse   Pegasus!   Bellerophon   was   also   thought   to   be   a   son   of   Zeus   and   the   gods   Aphrodite   and   Zeus   helped   him   in   his battles with the enormous Chimera, a mixed beast, part lion, goat, snake and fire breathing dragon. THINGS TO REMEMBER Good walking shoes, the track to the Eternal Flames is quite steep and very rough in places. Camera Small amount of money for drinks and maybe souvenirs at Chimera There is an entrance fee to the flames, currently, 6tl / £1.35 Drinking water for the initial journey will be provided at the hotel and more will be provided at Chimera If you have a torch or head torch then please bring it, we have a limited supply (1 between 2) Marshmallows & BBQ sticks will be provided at the flames.

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Fantastic Food, Legendary Heroes, Pegasus, Eternal Flames,  and the Beast of CHIMERA!
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