Some of the best diving in Turkey is in Adrasan near Antalya

Adrasan is a quiet and relaxing holiday spot with some excellent unspoilt diving and interesting dive sites near Antalya in Turkey

Adrasan is a real jewel in the crown for divers in Turkey. Here you will find some of the best and most varied diving in Turkey. Adrasan is still very much an undiscovered diving destination and is also mercifully free of mass tourism. This means that the marine life is undisturbed and the 20 plus dive sites are not crammed with divers. Normally we will be the only boat visiting each site.

Our beach is home to nesting turtles and the caves along the edge of our bay are used by Mediterranean Monk Seals to have their pups. Last year a turtle used a reef of trees (washed into the bay during winter storms) as it's preferred sleeping place. This was a favourite dive spot on our night dives.

This region has a turbulent history dating back over 3,000 years and many of our sites are home to artefacts ranging from Amphora to ancient anchors and tombs from a sunken Lycian Ship dating back over 2,500 years.

We have some excellent wreck diving and regularly visit the Paris, a First World War Steam powered ship.

Our diving web pages have lots more information and pictures taken during the last 12 months.

If you want to enjoy what is probably the best diving in Turkey then take a look around. Adrasan - it's a natural choice!

 F I N D   O U T   M O R E                      R E A D   R E V I E W   F R O M   D I V E R   M A G A Z I N E


Our resident loggerhead - great night diving in Turkey! Cave used by Monk Seal - great marine life whilst diving in Turkey Award winning photo taken while diving in Adrasan, Turkey Photo by journalist J Liddiard - Diving in Turkey article in Dýver Magazine

  W I N T E R - S U N   D I V I N G   D E A L S 

Many larger fish such as shoals of Amberjacks come into the area during winter and many other species move in during the winter months.

The weather is generally warm during the day and cool at night. The sea stays warm after the summer and only cools during January & February.

(Check out the temperature and sea temperatures on our other diving pages)

In other words this is a great time to come diving and you can even get a tan whilst you are here. Is this the only good news?

No it isn't  - Accomodation Prices are 15% or more lower and we offer a 15% discount on our normal dive prices!

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