Boutique Holidays In Turkey Years of Local Experience for your Holiday

Adventure Holidays for Adults (18+)

A Mix of Adrenaline Soaked Action and Chilling Out in Turkey’s Coolest Destination

We   are   currently   developing   and   costing   an   adventure   itinerary   based   at   Orange   Pension   (the   base   for   Gelidonya   Tours)   for   adults (18+).   This   itinerary   is   based   on   the   itinerary   for   our   active   families   but   is   a   bit   more   adrenaline   fuelled!   Days   full   of   fun   and   action night   times   chilling   on   Ottoman   style   seating   or   visiting   some   of   the   coolest   bars   in Turkey   (lots   of   live   music)   and   maybe   hitting   some the open air dance bars.
Some Nightlife