Adrasan   sits   beside   the   sea   and   in   front   of the    Western    arc    of    the    Toros    mountains, which   rise   to   over   3,000m   (nearly   10,000ft) and   they   rise   straight   up   from   the   sea   shore (sea   level).   This   combined   with   regular   on- shore   winds   and   hot   sun   baking   the   rocks   to produce    thermal    currents    makes    this    an outstanding location for paragliding! Want to take a world record home with you? We    have    just    the    place    for    you,    nowhere else    in    the    world    can    you    launch    from 2,365m   higher   than   your   landing   zone.   How would   you   like   to   fly   from   the   summit   of   Mt. Olympos,   the   home   of   the   gods,   down   to   the beach   7,760ft   below   and   7km   away   in   the   distance.   Your   tandem   flight   will   start   by   circling   the   summit   to   try   and   pick   up   some thermals   that   can   take   you   up   over   3,000m   before   heading   off   over   national   parkland   then   circling   the   coast   andbeachside   holiday villages and landing on the beach! TRULY A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE! This   is   one   of   the   most   professionally   run   paragliding   outfits   anywhere   with   a   100%   safety   record.   Your   tandem   pilots   are   not   only experienced   but   they   are   also   world   class   professional   competitors. At   the   end   of   your   flight   you   will   be   able   to   purchase   videos   and photo CD’s, wrld record certificates, commemorative T-shirts etc. If   flying   besides   the   gods   sounds   a   little   too extreme    then    we    also    have    paragliding available   in   Adrasan.   Again   this   is   a   very professional    outfit.    Some    of    the    benefits here   are   that   they   have   a   couple   of   launch points   and   you   can   fly   different   routes   (one down   to   Adrasan   Beach   the   other   to   the other     side     of     the     mountain     to     Karaoz Beach)    this    means    departures    are    less dependent    on    the    weather.   There    is    less time   on   the   transfers   and   it   costs   quite   a   bit less.   It’s   a   great   place   to   try   out   paragliding if   you   are   a   little   nervous   of   the   experience. The    downside    is    a    shorter    flight    and    no world record certificate. The choice is yours. THINGS TO REMEMBER Reasonable shoes (not flip flops) Sun cream Small amount of money for drinks, ice creams,  etc. Cash and or credit cards for extras such as DVD’s, T-Shirts, World Record Certificates etc. (DVD’s are included in the price for the Adrasan Paragliding) Drinking water (you sometimes have to wait for the right conditions at the take off point)
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