Boutique Holidays In Turkey Years of Local Experience for your Holiday
W e   are   Sue   &   Jon   Graham,   we   have   lived   in Adrasan   since   May   2001   having   previously   spent   a   number   of   great holidays   both   in   Adrasan   as   well   as   in   other   parts   of Turkey.   Having   moved   to Adrasan,   we   had   a   house   built and   then   spent   a   couple   of   years   finding   our   feet   and thinking   about   what   we   were   going   to   do   in   the   future. During   this   time   we   set   up   a   horse   riding   business   that grew   from   a   motley   crew   of   five   mares   who   delivered two   foals   in   the   first   winter   to   a   “herd”   of   23   ponies spread   over   two   stables. Although   this   was   fun   we   never made   a   penny   but   we   did   have   to   learn   a   lot   of   stuff including   Turkish   language,   the   way   tourism   works   in Turkey,   tax   legislation,   the   business   culture   both   dealing with   local   agents   as   well   as   farmers   for   horse   feed   etc.   No   money   but   a   wealth   of   experience   for   the   future.   In   2003 we   started   to   build   our   hotel,   which   we   ran   until   early   2016.   We   have   now   given   the   hotel   over   to   a   turkish   family for rent. In   our   time   with   the   hotel   we   offered   straightforward   chill   out   &   relaxing   holidays,   walking   holidays   (mostly   self guided),   family   activity   holidays,   adventure   holidays   (activity   holidays   for   adult   groups)   and   SCUBA   diving.   In developing   these   holidays   we   have   learnt   loads   about   the   history   and   local   culture   of   this   area.   We   now   have   an extensive   network   of   people   that   help   us   deliver   what   we   offer.   We   have   a   unique   library   of   information   on   the walking   routes   in   the   area.   We   also   have   a   good   knowledge   of   the   local   flaura   aand   fauna   and   a   get   set   of reference books on both. Throughout   our   time   running   our   hotel,   then   called   the   Ottoman   Palace   Hotel,   the   hotel   was   rated   number   1   or   2   in Adrasan on Trip Advisor and consistently won quality awards from them.   We are outdoor people, we like having fun and we enjoy the natural beauty of this very special area. In   the   close   season   we   also   like   to   travel   and   we   have   had   extended   trips   to   South   East Asia,   Costa   Rice   and   USA in   recent   years.   In   2017   we   will   be   away   for   a   trip   to   New   Zealand,   Malaysia   and   Indonesia   following   the   British and Irish Lions Rugby Team for their three test matches in New Zealand. We   are   a   british   couple   born   in   London   (Jon)   and   Manchester   (Sue).   We   met   and   spent   many   years   in   Manchester before   moving   to   Berkshire   for   a   few   years   before   moving   to   Turkey.   We   now   have   dual   citizenship   (British   & Turkish). In   2016   Jon   decided   to   take   “early   retirement”   but   is   still   full   of   ideas   and   advice   for   colleagues   and   guests.   Sue now   works   for   Gelidonya   Travel,   where   she   has   set   upa   new   division   -   Boutique   Holidays   division.   In   this   way   we can continue to offer the holidays we always have and a choice of great accommodation in Adrasan and Olympos. Gelidonya Travel is a fully authorised and TURSAB  registered Travel Agent