K U M L U C A   -  Rural Market Town, Market Day & Good Local (non-tourist) shops

Having Tea with Erik, The man with the big plums!

Kumluca is the nearest town of any size. It is a very traditional Turkish agricultural town. there is an excellent market on Fridays. The market has fruit, veg, spices, herbs, fish, cheese, olives, music, tools, shoes, dried goods, live chickens, the occasional goat, and much more that you probably wouldn't dream of. There is also a separate clothes and textile market that offers good value and is not too touristy. On Friday the town is packed with Turks from all around selling their wares or buying what they need. It is a true Turkish market experience.

There are cafes and patisseries in the main square and some wonderful local restaurants for local delicacies. However Kumluca is quite reserved and it is not normal to be able to buy alcohol in bars and restaurants. However with our normal commitment to looking after our guests and friends we have discovered the only two places where you can get a beer. One you go to at your own risk the other is the Mithat Restaurant which is run by a family with a hotel in the bay. Good local food and welcome refreshment in a dry town. We run trips to Kumluca on a Friday.

Points of Interest : Fruit & Veg theme for roundabout decorations and Storks Nesting in the streetlights.

There is a Kumluca web site which also features pictures of Fruit and Vegetables

Kumluca Town Square, Attaturk Status and a great patisserie!
This roundabout decoration illustrates how important fruit and vegetables are to the people of Kumluca