The area around Adrasan is literally littered with historical sites that are not only open to the public but are totally accessible. You can really get up close and touch virtually everything that there is to see. For those with an interest in archaeology we can put together a programme of visits that will give you a real insight into one of the most fascinating civilisations the world has ever known, The Lyceans.

Rich and powerful with extremely well developed spiritual beliefs this is a land of legends where modern republican democracy was first successfully developed. The American Constitution has The Lycian political system at it's heart.

For all the background reading you will need take a look at this Lycian Website

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S O M E   P L A C E S   O F   I N T E R E S T    F O R   Y O U   T O   V I S I T

OLYMPOS is a short 15 minute drive from Adrasan. This is one of the best places in Lycia to see the evolution of architecture from Lycian through the Roman period. Olympos has had little by way of excavation work which leaves with an unexplored and mystical charm. In spring a walk round Olympos is an archaeological exploration and nature walk combined.

After our historical journey we stop at Kadir's Tree House hotel for a refreshing drink, before visiting a camel, horse and Ostrich farm that is built in traditional nomadic style.  

ARYKANDA could be regarded as the spiritual centre of Lycia with a wonderful temple to the sun. Legend had it that the priests at Arykanda had, in their possession, an artefact that had come from the sun. This has never been found but, when you are in Arykanda, perched on the side of a mountain with snow capped mountains in front of you and a long valley below, the story is enough to set your imagination flying.

Arykanda is quite a large and extensive site which approximately 1 1/2 hours from Adrasan. A journey with scenery that makes it worthwhile on it's own right.

MYRA & St. NICHOLAS CHURCH offer us a two for the price of one day out. Myra is a Lycian City with a wonderful theatre and some of the best and most extensive examples of rock tombs (Tombs carved into the mountain rock face). St. Nicholas Church is nearby and is a good example of the early Christian influence on this region. St. Nicholas is, of course, believed to be the man who started the legend of Santa Claus due to his help and assistance to the poor families within his bishopric.

This again is about 1 1/2 hours drive from Adrasan along the coast road which meanders in and out past innumerable bays and gorges.

A Short walk along the end of the bay at Adrasan takes along a pine clad path with wonderful views over the bay and the beach. Here we will find a disused chromium mine and learn about the relationships between the American miners and the local population. A meeting of one of the oldest and most traditional cultures with the worlds most modern.

CHIMERA or YANARTAS is home to the eternal flame which, according to legend comes from The Chimera (a fiery dragon like beast) which was slain and lies buried here. The victor a legendary Greek/Lycian warrior Bellepheron. Bellerophon (the brave son of the Korintos hero Flaukos) spies a flying horse.  This is Pegasus, the divine horse born of the blood of Medusa.  Bellerophon yearns to possess Pegasus but finds the wild creature impossible to capture.  With the aid of the city's soothsayer, Bellerophon begs the goddess Athena to help him capture Pegasus. Athena gives Bellerophon a golden bridle and with this he tames the winged horse and the two become inseparable.

Bellepheron is celebrated in many Lycian sites and Pegasus appears on many Lycian coins.

Visit the local village on market day and mix with the local people as you experience, first hand, the hustle and bustle of this small and friendly village bazaar. Then we move on to the village to sit and take a cool drink or drink Turkish Tea with the locals as they watch the world go by from the tea houses in the tiny main street. Followed by a village tour to find out more about how the locals live. 
ANTALYA MUSEUM, PERGE & ASPENDOS These sites to the east of Antalya are some of the most stunning examples of Roman architecture anywhere in the world. During July and August this day includes dinner in Antalya before visiting Aspendos for a performance of Opera or Ballet as part of the annual festival (extra charge for admission to Opera or Ballet).