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Meet Your Hosts Jon Graham Jon, typically out on top of a mountain somewhere! Jon is the hotel's Mr. Adventure & Exploration. If there's something you want to go and see or something you want to do then just ask. A keen horse rider and trekking guide Jon, knows all the best places to go and all the adventure sports that are available.
Sue Graham Sue with her usual teetotal glass of "Cherry Juice!?" Yeah, right! Sue is our social secretary and although she has done some Scuba diving and has been seen on a horse, she is the girl that gets the party going when the ambiance is right. A practicing teetotaler she needs to move on from being a novice in this area. Doesn't speak before her second cup of tea in the morning!
The Staff All these were caught locally, the fish and the staff! Our staff are locals and are a good mix of ages. We have known them for a number of years and they contribute a lot to the atmosphere of the hotel, and are encouraged to get to know our customers. Our cook, Hatice, prepares some wonderful traditional village meals her Pepper Bread is not to be missed. In fact some of our Turkish guests ask specially for it!
Telephone  +90 (0)242 883 1462
Mobile Jon or Sue Graham  +90 (0)536 546 7143
Fax  +90 (0)242 883 1463
e-mail  Jon Graham - e-mail Address
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