C A N Y O N I N G   I N   G O Y N U K


On arrival near the head of the gorge in the mountains above Goynuk we take a walk to the head of the canyon. From here we walk, climb, scramble and swim down the entire length of the canyon.

En the way there are opportunities fro rock diving/jumping.

The canyon is a stunning sight and the water, which comes directly from a mountain spring is always very cold. A ideal way to keep cool in the heat of the sun.

At the end of the tour we enjoy a lunch at a mountain fish farm in Ulupinar.


Goynuk is on the Antalya side of Kemer approx 50 minutes by minibus from Adrasan

Transfer Details

Transfer from hotel to Olympos to join the group and transfer on to Goynuk. Depart at 09:45am

Price (approx.)

70 Lira 25 37 incl Guide, transfers & lunch