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At   Boutique   Holidays   we   pull   out   all   the   stops   to   ensure   you enjoy    your    holiday    and    return    home    relaxed,    refreshed    and invigorated.     For     different     people,     a     great     holiday     means different    things.    Many    guests    choose    Adrasan    for    a    quiet, restful,   hideaway,   with   great   food,   congenial   hosts,   a   good   book and   some   stunning   scenery.   If    you   want   a   break   with   a   bit   more action then don't worry, you've found the perfect place. We   offer   a   range   of   different   holiday   types    some   of   our   holidays are   Adventurous   or   Active,   such   as   Walking,   SCUBA   Diving   or Mixed   Activities,   Others   are   less   energetic,   perhaps   a   chill   out with   an   occasional   visit   to   one   of   the   many   historical   sites   in the   area,   a   day   out   on   a   boat   visiting   hideaway   bays   and   creeks or maybe a trip to a local market. At     the     heart     of     every     holiday     is     a     quiet     relaxing     base, surrounded   by   the   beautiful,   mountainous   scenery,   the   crystal blue    waters    of    Turkey's    Turquoise    Coast    and    a    2km    sandy beach.   From   here   you   can   tailor   make   your   holiday   plans   to include as little or as much as you want.

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Jon   &   Sue   have   lived   in   Adrasan   for   the   last   16   years.   In that     time     they     have     amassed     and     documented     an enormous    amount    of    knowledge    about    the    walking, activitiies,   history   &   culture   of   the   surrounding   area   and the stunning hospitality of the local people. Up until 2015 they ran their own hotel offering Walking and Activity holidays. Sue now works for Gelidonya Tours heading up the Boutique Holidays division. “The knowledge and experience we have gained in the last 16 years, means we are uniquely able to help you plan your ideal holiday.” Take   a   look   at   our   choice   of   holidays .   We   offer   packages and   ad-hoc,   tailor   made   holidays.   Something   to   suit   every one. This   is   YOUR   holiday   and   you   can   do   as   much   or   as   little   as you   want.   Common   to   all   our   holidays   though   is   a   quiet and   relaxing   base   at   one   of   the   best   hotels   in   Adrasan   and our   team   helping   you   get   the   very   best   out   of   your   stay with us.
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